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Top Psychologist in Florida

Top Psychologist in Florida

People Dr. Carolina Raeburn, PsyD is a highly-skilled Florida licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Raeburn works with people in Florida to help them reach their goals. She values empathy, trust, and offers her clients unconditional positive regard. Furthermore, confidentiality and discretion is a top priority. She provides online services such as psychotherapy, coaching, and consultation.

Online Therapy

As a psychologist in Florida, Dr. Carolina Raeburn works in conjunction with her clients to forge individualized treatment plans to fit their objectives, circumstances, and needs. She helps clients change unhealthy behavior patterns and reach their goals. Therapy allows for clients to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and gain insights to help them overcome the obstacles they may be facing. Online therapy provides many conveniences, including that there is no need to commute and that clients are not restricted to choose a therapist based on the driving distance. All online sessions are through a web-based HIPPA-compliant platform.

Concierge Psychology

The Concierge psychology is limited to a restricted number of people a month. Concierge psychology may be similar to traditional online therapy but it has notable differences. The Concierge psychology is perfect for people who wish to have additional VIP benefits and perks. Some of the benefits included in concierge psychology are priority scheduling, direct access, access during out-of-office-hours, longer session times, etc. Through concierge therapy, you will find individualized treatment plants to help you overcome obstacles, identify any irrational thoughts, change unhealthy behavior patterns, and learn to use beneficial coping strategies.

How can a psychologist in Florida help?

Many people are drawn to psychology because they have an interest in self-improvement, self-actualization, development, or because they want to focus on their mental and emotional health.

Psychologists help people attain their goals, make positive changes in their lives, and provide them with beneficial coping strategies. Dr. Carolina Raeburn, helps her clients manage stress, manage their emotions, gain insight and understanding, prioritize their emotional and mental health, and help them implement helpful coping strategies.

Some reasons people seek the help of a psychologist:

Life has its wonderful moments but it also has its moments of sadness or turmoil. When things become difficult, many people seek the help of a psychologist to help clear their mind, focus on their mental health, and get assistance in managing problems they may be facing

Frequent Reasons People Inquire About Psychological Help:

  • When making big decisions.
  • To implement self-care
  • Attain a new perspective about a problem
  • To work towards self-actualization
  • Develop a new life perspective
  • To challenge negative thinking or negative self-talk
  • Because something doesn’t feel “right”.
  • Because they are experiencing problems that are affecting their life.
  • They’ve had feelings of sadness, irritability, anger, or worry that has lasted a long time.
  • Grow from obstacles being experienced
  • To express themselves candidly and not worry about confidentiality or judgment.
  • Speak in a supportive safe space with unconditional positive regard
  • To incorporate stress management techniques in their daily life.
  • Change unhealthy behavior patterns.
  • To speak freely about their mental health concerns.
  • To build a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Transform life patterns.
  • To improve their marriage or relationship.
  • Improve family life.
  • To have knowledge of human behavior.
  • To help navigate the death of a loved one.

Stress management

Stress is a problem we all experience. Sometimes stress may be beneficial, while other times it can create problems. However, when stress becomes chronic it could wreak havoc on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Chronic stress has been known to lead to sadness, irritability, overwhelm, and feelings of anxiety. Furthermore, chronic stress can impact our personalities, relationships, or work. Dr. Carolina Raeburn works with her clients to help reduce stress and its effects. She teaches them stress management techniques they could use to help make their days more pleasant and healthier throughout their lives.

Life Transitions

“The only constant in life is change” is one of Dr. Carolina Raeburn,’s favorite quotes because it speaks about life transitions. Life is full of change and sometimes those changes can be easy or uncomplicated, while other times they could be difficult to navigate. Transitions and results in stress or overwhelm and if it’s a difficult transition to handle, the associated stress could negatively affect your emotional, mental, or physical health. It could lead to feelings of sadness, irritability, feelings of anxiety, or poor judgment. However, what are you going through a small uncomplicated transitional period or a very difficult change, such as the loss of a loved one, or facing a terminal illness, Dr. Carolina Raeburn, is here to help. She helps her clients manage through transitional moments. He provides genuine empathy, support, and teaches coping strategies to make the transitions smoother.


Depression is so much more than feeling sad. Clinical depression is a real illness that affects the daily life of those who have it. It is a mood disorder that may include not only symptoms of sadness, but also lots of interest, decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, sleep difficulties, change in appetite, loss of energy, and more. Symptoms can affect the way we think, behave, and negatively change our outlook towards life. Depression doesn’t magically go away, if it’s left untreated, it could affect individuals for weeks, months, or years. The good news is that depression is treatable. The hardest step is the first one: seeking help. Contact Dr. Carolina Raeburn today.


Feelings of anxiety and anxiety disorder are two different things. Someone who has an anxiety disorder may experience debilitating symptoms that are overwhelming. They may find it difficult to control their worry and it affects their daily functioning. Dr. Carolina Raeburn works with individuals who are experiencing anxiety and helps them to manage their symptoms through beneficial coping strategies, relaxation techniques, and identifying irrational thoughts.

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