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Therapist and Coach for Head Coaches

Therapist and Coach – Sports Psychology for Head Coaches

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides Head Coaches and their team with the utmost confidentiality, trust, empathy, and support. She offers psychotherapy, coaching, and hypnosis.

Why would Head Coaches Seek the Help of a Psychologist?

Coaching at a professional level is a lot harder than one might think. The amount of stress associated with the profession is astronomical. However, beneficial coping strategies to manage stress are not prevalent. When stress becomes chronic, it can lead to a slew of concerns. It can affect your physical and emotional health. Aside from managing stress and anxieties, one may reach out to a psychologist to improve their performance, cope with adjustment, retirement, and overcome other personal or professional issues. Reaching out to a professional when things get challenging shows a significant amount of strength.

How Would a Sports Psychologist Help?

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps sports head coaches develop skills to manage and reduce stress or anxieties. She can also help increase your focus, mindfulness and help improve communication skills. Understanding and motivating your team is an integral part of your career. Working with Dr. Raeburn will help you increase your knowledge about your team’s psychology by providing novel and clear perspectives, improving zeal and communication management.

Furthermore, suppose you are experiencing mental health concerns like depression or anxiety. In that case, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you implement beneficial coping skills to manage symptoms associated with emotional wellness or mental health concerns. She offers personal and performance coaching and psychotherapy.

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Discretion

Dr. Raeburn understands how crucial privacy and confidentiality is for you.

She holds your privacy in its highest regard and offers the highest level of confidentiality to her clients. She provides a space where you may talk candidly and openly without fretting about judgments or confidentiality leaks.


Head Coaches – Life Coaching & Performance Coaching

Coaching is perfect for those whose concerns are not caused by a mental health concern. Dr. Raeburn offers two types of coaching for her clients: personal coaching and performance coaching.

Head Coaches – Life Coaching

With personal coaching (aka life coaching), Dr. Raeburn can help you navigate those difficult moments in life, such as adjusting to a new phase of life or transition, such as commencing in a new role, entering retirement. She also offers guidance if you’re experiencing personal concerns at home, work, or in your social environment.

Head Coaches – Performance Coaching

Do you want to maximize your performance as Head Coach or optimize your players’ performance? Dr. Carolina Raeburn will work with you and help you improve zeal and understand the intricacies of communication with each player. She will show you powerful stress management techniques that heighten your mental game. Dr. Raeburn works closely with you to assist you in reaching your goals and objectives. (Offered nationwide and to international clients.)

Hypnosis for Head Coaches

Dr. Carolina Raeburn also offers hypnotherapy and hypnosis for psychology or coaching clients. Hypnosis can provide coaches with increased confidence and a maximized mental game. It can help with stress reduction and management, increase relaxation, and improve concentration.

Sports Head Coaches & Mental Health

Sports Head Coaches and Psychotherapy

Head coaches have one of the most stressful jobs in the industry, and they handle a load of responsibility. No one is immune to emotional or mental health concerns, including those in the sports field. Mental health concerns can affect anyone. They are caused by multiple factors, such as genetic, environmental, medical, and psychological factors. Some of the most common mental health issues are depression and anxiety.

Depression and Sports Head Coaches

Clinical depression can affect anyone — they do not discriminate. Depressive disorders like Dysthymia or Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) can influence your relationships, relationships, and daily life. Many people think depressive disorders disappear on their own. However, they don’t magically disappear. If left untreated depressive disorders may last months or years. Symptoms to look out for include sadness, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, low energy, difficulties sleeping or concentrating, and death thoughts. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps you navigate difficult moments and teaches you helpful coping strategies while providing utmost confidentiality.

Anxiety and Sports Head Coaches

Experiencing anxiety is common but experiencing an anxiety disorder is very different. Anxiety disorders include hard to control worries, and it affects your everyday life, work, or personal relationships. Normal anxiety is sometimes helpful because it increases our environmental awareness, but anxiety disorders do not give us that level of focus. Anxiety disorders may actually may it difficult to concentrate. Furthermore, anxiety disorders can cause irritability, muscle tension, fatigue, restlessness, excessive worry. Some anxiety disorders may also include physiological symptoms like shortness of breath, nervousness, feeling like you can’t breathe, or even stomach problems. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps her clients implement cognitive restructuring techniques and provides helpful coping strategies to reduce and manage these symptoms.

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