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Traditional Online Therapy Services in Florida

Traditional Online Therapy

Do you want to speak with someone who cares in a traditional psychotherapy office setting?

Are you having a difficult time handling the struggles in your life?

Could you use an expert opinion on what you’re going through or a non-judgmental ear to listen?

If you found yourself nodding your head at any of these, then our traditional services may be for you. We offer traditional online psychotherapy to those who are interested in therapy but cannot attain concierge services at this time due to financial reasons or otherwise. Our traditional services offer in-office 50-minute online psychotherapy or coaching sessions. You and Dr. Carolina Raeburn determine the frequency of sessions.

Benefits of Traditional Online Therapy:

  • Personalized and collaborative treatment plans
  • Raeburn provides a safe and supportive environment.
  • A kind and warm approach to therapy
  • CBT and evidence-based modalities
  • learn beneficial coping strategies to reduce stress and reach your goals
  • Space where you can speak freely and without fear of judgment

If you’re looking for help to improve your everyday life but are not ready to invest in concierge services, Dr. Raeburn would love to help you by offering traditional online therapy.

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