Sports general Manager Psychology

Sports General Manager Therapist

Sports General Manager Therapist

If you’re a sports general manager, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you or your team manage stress, maximize potential, and navigate life’s challenges.

Why would a Sports General Manager seek the help of a psychologist?

Being a general manager of a sports team is one of the most challenging jobs found in sports. Most pro sports GM’s role includes acquiring rights to player personnel, negotiating contracts, reassigning players, and letting players go. However, their role also includes player analysis, financial knowledge, getting a feel for the players, managing different personalities, developing zeal, and exhibiting exceptional internal and external communication skills. However, the GM’s role becomes increasingly complex. Sports General Managers are under the constant watch of fans and sports media. Sports coverage has become a 24/7 cycle through the internet, cable television, and social media. The stress associated with being a GM has grown exponentially over the years.

Some sports General Managers may seek psychology services to reduce stress. Others may be looking to build zeal amongst their team. At the same time, others may be experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression.

How Can a Psychologist Help?

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps you manage the intense amount of stress associated with your careers. She can help you see new and clear perspectives and understand the psychology of your players. Furthermore, she can work with you to improve zeal and communication management.

No one is immune to mental health concerns – mental health does not discriminate against race, gender, age, religion, profession, or socioeconomic background. Dr. Raeburn will provide you with coping strategies and tools to overcome and manage your symptoms if you have mental health concerns. She offers Personal coaching, performance coaching, and psychotherapy.

Confidentiality, Privacy, and Discretion

Dr. Raeburn knows how important privacy is for you. She provides the highest level of confidentiality. She offers a space where you can speak freely and candidly without worrying about judgment or confidentiality leaks.

Sports General Managers & Mental Health

Sports General Managers and Navigating Change

If big life changes are underway, or you are experiencing a transition, working with r. Raeburn may be right for you. We each experience ups and downs through life. Sometimes we set personal goals we want to achieve. Can you navigate the lows alone and accomplish your goals by yourself? Of course, you can. However, sometimes it’s easier when you have help. Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you strategize personal goals, provide a new perspective on situations, and offer beneficial coping strategies to reduce stress and improve emotional wellness. Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you gain perspective, establish new strategies, and provide guidance. She helps with Phase-of-Life adjustments, like starting a new role, retirement, or personal concerns.

Performance Therapy for Sports General Managers

Are you looking to maximize your performance as a GM or maximize your teams’ performance? Dr. Raeburn can work with you to improve your communication management skills and understand how the intricacies of communication with each player and the team. She can teach you effective stress management techniques that will enhance your mental game. If you want to be at the top of your game, Dr. Raeburn will work closely with you and help you reach your objectives.

General Managers and Psychotherapy

Being a GM does not make someone immune to mental health concerns. GMs endure a vast amount of pressure and carry a load of responsibility on their shoulders. Mental health concerns can be due to various factors, such as environmental, genetic, and medical factors, and it could affect anyone regardless of their profession, age, or gender. Some of the most common mental health concerns are anxiety and depression.

Depression and Sports General Managers

Depressive disorders do not discriminate –clinical depression may affect anyone. Furthermore, depressive disorders like Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or dysthymia may affect your performance, relationships, and everyday life. Depressive disorders may be due to environments, genetic, and psychological, and medical factors. Depressive disorders do not magically disappear but are treatable. If you experience hopelessness, sadness, low energy, loss of interest, guilt, problems concentrating, or sleeping, you may want assistance. Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you navigate through hard times and provide you with beneficial coping strategies while delivering the highest confidentiality level.

Anxiety and Depression and Sports General Managers

We all experience anxiety, but it would be most beneficial to seek help if normal anxiety develops into an anxiety disorder. So how do you differentiate normal anxiety from an anxiety disorder? Normal anxiety may be helpful because it helps us increase awareness of our surroundings and gets us ready to enter a fight or flight mode. However, anxiety disorders are not beneficial -they work against us because anxiety disorders are hard to manage; they’re in multiple aspects of your life, affecting your social or occupational functioning. Symptoms of anxiety disorders may include some of the following symptoms: irritability, fatigue, muscle tension, difficulties sleeping, difficulties concentrating, restlessness, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, fears, or excessive worry. Dr. Carolina Raeburn equips clients with adequate coping skills and cognitive restructuring techniques to help manage anxiety symptoms while providing the utmost confidentiality.

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