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Psychological Evaluations in Miami, Florida

If you or a loved one has been referred for psychological testing, you may have some questions about what it is and what to expect.

Or maybe you've heard of psychological evaluations and feel you or a loved one should be tested.

Whatever the case may be, psychological evaluations help to understand symptoms and behaviors better, clarify the diagnosis, and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Psychological evaluations may be beneficial for individuals struggling with common mental health concerns; for example, a client may request a psychological test of depression or a psychological test for anxiety. It may also be beneficial for those experiencing long-standing struggles with mood, behavior regulation, or have difficulties maintaining healthy relationships with family members, peers, or romantic partners.

Psychological evaluations allow us to investigate and discover what is going on in someone's life that is affecting their ability to achieve, perform, think, feel or behave more constructively or appropriately either at home, work, or college. It helps us determine the client's underlying issue and reach the best way to resolve it.

Each psychological evaluation is customized to fit the needs of the client. It may consist of tests and assessments. Tests involve formal and standardized tests, i.e., questionnaires or checklists. Assessments may include multiple components, i.e., standardized tests, observational data, surveys, clinical interviews, and records.

Signs a Psychological Evaluation Test May Be Necessary

One could proactively seek the help of a psychologist or other mental health professional by recognizing the symptoms and early warning signs of mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association describes numerous warning signs that may warrant a psychological evaluation. These include:

  • Social withdrawal: Loss of interest in socializing, especially close friends or family.
  • Problems with thinking: Experiencing problems with concentration, speech, or memory.
  • Decreased functioning: Having increased difficulties at school, work, or socially, including loss of interest or challenges in performing routine tasks.
  • Apathy: Lack of interest, concern or enthusiasm
  • Disconnected feelings: Feeling as if reality has been altered somehow, Such as feeling disconnected from others or oneself.
  • Increased sensitivity: Feeling overwhelmed by sensory inputs like sounds, sights, or touch.
  • Mood changes: Unexplained significant or rapid shifts in emotions.
  • Unusual behavior: Displaying peculiar behaviors and acting in uncharacteristic ways.
  • Changes in sleep or appetite: Personal care declines due to changes in sleep and eating patterns.
  • Irrational thinking: Illogical thought patterns that affect daily functioning. These may include "magical" thinking, intrusive thoughts, or exaggerated or unusual beliefs.
  • Anxiety or paranoia: Fears or suspicions concerning situations, others, or one's environment.

Reasons for a psychological test include:

There are many different reasons a psychological evaluation might be needed. Here are some reasons:

  • Work Problems
  • Relationship Issues
  • Emotional Difficulty
  • Behavior Problems
  • Mental Health Concern
  • Private School Admissions
  • Adult ADHD / ADD
  • Executive Functioning
  • Cognitive - Intelligence
  • Memory and Processing Speed
  • Verbal / Nonverbal Intelligence
  • Vocational / Career
  • Transition Planning
  • Corporate testing
    • Legacy evaluations
    • Transition Evaluation
    • Evaluating a business successor
    • Evaluating future hires

How Do I Get a Psychological Evaluation?

  1. Contact us to schedule an appointment:We are here to help you. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, call or email us, and we will assist you in the best way possible.
  2. What is your chief complaint:In order to develop an assessment protocol that is right for you, it's vital to let us know about your concerns —why you'd like an evaluation, what you are looking to clarify through the assessment, symptoms you are experiencing, and how it's affecting your life.
  3. Clinical interview:At our first appointment, we will perform a clinical interview that will deep look at your concerns, symptoms, and history. This interview may take 1-2 hours (50% of total payment is due)
  4. Psychological testing customized to the referral question/ concern: Several tests will be administered. Testing time may be between 1-6 hours, depending on your referral question. If needed, testing days may be split into multiple sessions.
  5. Psychological report: Approximately two weeks after testing, a report will be ready -- it will consist of the testing interpretations, results, and recommendations.
  6. Consultation:This is the appointment where you will receive the report and testing results. You and the psychologist will discuss the results, recommendations, interventions, and treatment options.

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