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Performance Coaching helps keep successful individuals at the top of their game. It gives a real insight into successes and failures while understanding drive, motivation, and obstacles.

Why would I choose a psychologist as my performance coach?

Having a psychologist as a performance coach is a real benefit.

Many things differentiate a coach and a psychologist; firstly, a coach is not required to have an advanced academic degree. However, a psychologist must have a Doctorate (in most states) that assures their training includes proper ethics, research-based information, and in-depth knowledge of the human mind. A doctor in psychology underwent an intense amount of training through practicums, internships, and fellowships before applying for their license, and passing a state-level 4-hour exam.

What's the difference between performance coaching and psychology?

While coaching sessions are different from psychology sessions, having a coaching session with a psychologist may be a real benefit. In a coaching session with a psychologist, you can expect to gain fresh and powerful perspectives to help you reach your goals while they uphold proper ethics and confidentiality.

With Performance coaching, Dr. Carolina Raeburn integrates her knowledge of neuroscience and the human mind to help people attain their optimal performance level and highest potential. She helps clients reach their full potential, understand their motivations, drives, and self-imposed obstacles. Reaching high-performance levels typically includes gaining clarity of the emotions that affect performance.

She teaches her clients how to harness the power of their minds and master their mental game. Performance coaching is perfect for individuals who want to say at the top of their game or reach new heights.

Benefits of Having a performance coach

There are several benefits to having a performance coach. Amongst them you'll find:

  • improved clarity
  • increased motivation
  • high performance
  • increased self-awareness
  • increased emotional intelligence

Dr. Carolina Raeburn works with people in different spheres to bring out the best in them, including those in the entertainment industry, finance world, entrepreneurs, politicians, and athletes.

Types of Clients Carolina Often Works With

Performance Coaching for entertainers

We help entertainers, producers, directors, and agents reach optimal performance while positively influencing others.

Benefits for entertainment management teams, directors, producers, agents include:

  • improved conflict resolution skills
  • efficient ways to channel emotions (of self or other artists)
  • developing an empathic approach to understanding entertainers or others on your team
  • improved zeal

Benefits for Actors, actresses, musicians, and other entertainers include:

  • tapping into raw emotion to improve your art
  • Clarity of emotions
  • navigating obstacles
  • increased conflict resolution
  • stress reduction

Performance Coaching for athletes, coaches, and managers

We help General Managers, coaches, and agents have greater clarity and reach their goals while positively influencing others.

Benefits for athletes include:

  • use of guided imagery to improve your game
  • clarity of emotions to produce peak performance
  • reaching a zone of optimal functioning and flow in your game

Benefits for coaches and managers include:

  • understanding the players perspective
  • employing empathy to increase teamwork and zeal
  • efficient ways to handle emotions that affect you or your players

Trading and Investing - Performance Coaching for professional traders and investors

We help those in the financial industry increase efficiency, improve their decision-making skills, and

Benefits for professional traders and investors

  • understanding the relationship between emotion and decision
  • stress management
  • gaining an increased understanding of impulses and decision making
  • increased confidence

Benefits for Chief Risk and Chief Operations Officers

  • improved coaching abilities
  • increased confidence
  • enhanced communications with your team
  • stress management
  • effective ways to navigate obstacles

Performance Coaching for entrepreneurs

We help entrepreneurs increase productivity, increase efficiency, and become better leaders.

Benefits of Performance Coaching for entrepreneurs

  • understand and improve mindset
  • understand their drives and self-sabotages
  • manage stress
  • gain clarity to help reach their goals

Performance Coaching for politicians

We help politicians be the best they can be by instilling empathy into coaching.

Benefits of Performance Coaching for Politicians

  • increased empathy
  • stress management
  • clarity in communication
  • increased understanding of their impact on society
  • improved communication skills
  • increased emotional intelligence

Of note - Coaching is not psychotherapy; you will not be receiving therapy, delving into deep-rooted psychological problems, nor will you receive psychological treatments like CBT or REBT.

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