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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a highly-skilled licensed clinical psychologist in Florida. As a Tampa psychologist, she works with clients online to help them reach their goals. She values genuine empathy, trust, and offers unconditional positive regard. Moreover, she places great importance on confidentiality and discretion. She provides online services such as coaching, consultation, and psychology services, such as traditional online therapy and concierge psychology.

Psychology Services in Tampa, Florida

Online Therapy

During therapy, Dr. Carolina Raeburn works together with her clients to create an individualized treatment plan that best fits their goals, situations, and needs. She works to help them identify irrational thoughts and change unhealthy behavior patterns. Through therapy, her patients gain insight and begin to understand their strengths and weaknesses, which helps them overcome obstacles. Online therapy has many benefits and conveniences, such as there is no need to commute, and you're not restricted to choosing a therapist based on driving distance. Online sessions are held on a web-based HIPPA-compliant platform.

Concierge Psychology 

Concierge therapy provides clients with individualized treatment plans to help them overcome obstacles, change unhealthy behaviors, identify rational thoughts, and integrate beneficial coping strategies. It is similar to traditional online therapy but has additional VIP benefits and perks, such as extended session times, priority scheduling and access, and longer session times. Hence, concierge psychology is limited to a restricted number of people.

Coaching and Consultation

Everybody will experience challenging moments in their lives, but not everybody will experience a mental health disorder. When a concern is not complicated, doesn't warrant psychological treatment, and isn't rooted in psychological issues, psychotherapy is not the right fit. Uncomplicated problems issues are better suited for coaching or consultation. Coaching or consultation is beneficial for individuals going through minor life transitions, like starting college, going into a gap year, or for individuals who are looking for executive wellness, corporate coaching, or performance.

How can a psychologist help?

People are usually drawn to psychology because they want to make a positive change or focus on their emotional and mental health. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people who are experiencing mental health concerns or are looking for psychological evaluations. Moreover, she helps people with less complicated matters that do not warrant psychological treatment through coaching and consultation. She helps her clients manage stress, manage emotions, implement productive coping strategies, and prioritize their mental health.

Some reasons people seek the help of a psychologist:

Life can be lovely sometimes, but other times it could be challenging. Individuals typically seek a psychologist when they want to keep a clear mind and manage problems they may be facing.

Common Reasons People Seek Psychological Help:

  • Self-care becomes a priority.
  • They'd like to gain perspective regarding a problem.
  • They'd like to progress towards self-actualization.
  • They'd like to develop a new look towards life.
  • To challenge negative thinking and negative self-talk.
  • To learn different coping strategies.
  • They perceive something is "off."
  • Their problems are negatively impacting their life.
  • They have been sad, irritable, angry, or worried for a long time.
  • they want to overcome and learn from obstacles
  • They'd like to speak candidly without worry about confidentiality.
  • They need a supportive space without fear of judgment.
  • They want to adopt stress management techniques.
  • To minimize unhealthy behaviors.
  • To chat about mental health matters.
  • To develop more self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To transform negative life patterns.
  • To improve their relationship or marriage.
  • To enhance family life.
  • To understand human behavior.

Stress management

Everybody encounters stress. However, stress can become chronic and have a detrimental effect on our mental health and physical health. Chronic stress may lead to anxiety, sadness, irritability, or overwhelm. It can affect our personalities, work, or interpersonal relationships. Fortunately, stress management techniques can reduce stress and its' effects. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps her clients implement these techniques so they may experience healthier and more productive days.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching can be geared towards athletes, but it is also geared towards executives, actors, actresses, singers, people in the finance sector. It helps anybody in a competitive field strive for their top performance and others. Performance coaching could help people reach their occupational goals, improve their performance, or remain at the top.

Through performance coaching, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps maintain your level of success or reach your goals with proper motivation, gaining a more in-depth insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and understanding your drives and desires. She helps you strategize ways to overcome your obstacles.

Life Transitions

Life is full of changes and transitions. Life transitions may range from something simple to something difficult, like your first day of school or being diagnosed with a chronic illness. Transitions can be hard to adjust to and bring out all sorts of feelings, including stress. Depending on the transition's weight, the related stress can negatively affect your life and lead to poor judgment, irritability, sadness, or other mental health concerns. Whether you're going through a small uncomplicated transition or a very difficult or painful one, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps her clients manage tough moments. She provides support, empathy, and teaches them beneficial coping strategies that they could implement to make any transition smoother.

Depression Treatment

Life brings us moments of ups and downs, but depression is not just a moment of sadness. Clinical depression is an actual illness that could affect our daily lives. It's a mood disorder characterized by feelings of sadness and loss of interest and includes several other symptoms. Symptoms of depression can change how we think, act, and see the world around us. Some people tend to believe that depression is something that could just magically go away on its own, but that's not the case. If left untreated, it could negatively influence your life and last for weeks, months, or even years. Fortunately, depression is treatable. The hardest part is the first step: reaching out for help.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety happens when your mind and body react to stressful or dangerous situations, which may be helpful. However, this is very different from those who experience anxiety disorders. Somebody who suffers from an anxiety disorder may experience symptoms that are debilitating, overwhelming, negatively impact their life and daily functioning. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, and the manifestation of symptoms may vary from person to person. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps anxiety disorder clients manage their symptoms, understand irrational thoughts, and teaches coping strategies to overcome anxiety.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Tampa

Psychologists have the clinical skills and professional training to help people implement healthy coping strategies to deal with life issues and mental health concerns. Some people seek a therapist's help because they feel angry, depressed, or worried. Or, they may seek a psychologist because a chronic condition is affecting their lives or physical health. Other people may need help with short-term problems like transitioning through a divorce or grieving a loved one's death. Dr. Carolina Raeburn aims to help her clients learn to cope with stressful situations, manage stress, and gain insights. She provides psychotherapy and evaluations for mental health concerns or complex life transitions. Dr. Carolina Raeburn also provides consultation and coaching services whose issues do not require psychotherapy, such as uncomplicated short term life transitions.

Doctors in Tampa

Dr. Carolina Raeburn has hospital experience. She found it to be rewarding and learned so much from the medical field. Moreover, she was able to gain a profound understanding of physician stress. Physicians do an excellent job of putting their patients first and caring about their health. However, sometimes their own needs fall to the wayside. A Medscape (2018) survey of 15,000 physicians reported that 42% of doctors battle burnout, and 15% experience depression symptoms. Dr. Carolina Raeburn aims to give back to professionals in the medical field, providing stress management techniques, coping strategies, and burnout prevention.

Lawyers in Tampa

Many attorneys regularly devote a great deal of their time to their profession and face high-stress levels. Nevertheless, as time progresses, stress levels can become overwhelming and hurt their interpersonal relationships, including their family life. A study by the American Bar Association (2016), stated attorneys have a high-risk of experiencing behavioral health problems. They concluded that 19% experience anxiety, 20% alcohol use, and 28% depression. Dr. Carolina Raeburn works to help lawyers manage stress, implement beneficial coping strategies, and gain insights to overcome obstacles.

Executives in Tampa

Successful executives usually endure high-stress levels at work. However, when stress becomes chronic, it can begin to affect their personal lives and emotional health, producing feelings of worry, anxiety, loneliness, or sadness. It can also affect their physical health --stress correlates with cardiovascular conditions. Regrettably, many individuals deal with stress in an unhealthy manner, such as avoidance or using alcohol or drugs, which may lead to a downward spiral of occupational or social concerns, including mental health issues, isolation, relationship difficulties, family problems, or substance abuse. However, learning to use healthy coping strategies promotes stress regulations and steers people through though life experiences. Aside from giving empathic support and providing a safe space to converse candidly without judgment or confidentiality concerns, Dr. Raeburn helps her clients implement healthy coping strategies they can use throughout their lives. She was raised in a corporate environment. Hence, she empathizes with corporate executives and strives to see them continue to thrive.

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