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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

If you are searching for a premier psychologist in Pinecrest, you are in the right place. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides bespoke services for all her clients.

She is the go-to therapist for entrepreneurs, politicians, entertainers, and high-powered people in the public eye. She's recognized for her high-level of confidentiality and discretion.

As a psychologist in Pinecrest, she provides therapy and consultation to young adults, adults, and those in the geriatric population, with an emphasis on life transitions, stress management, executive well-being, addiction, depression, corporate wellness, and, neuropsychology.

Dr. Raeburn offers traditional therapy, she additionally offers Concierge Psychology to a small number of clients. If you choose to do concierge psychology, you're a good fit, and there is an open space. You will receive stellar perks and benefits, such as direct access, priority scheduling, and extended session times.

Psychology Services in Pinecrest, FL

Some people may reach out to a psychologist because they have felt anxious, angry, or depressed for a long time.

Others may seek the help of a psychologist for more short-term problems, such as the death of a loved one, overwhelmingness, and life transitions. Whatever the situation may be, Dr. Carolina Raeburn is here to help. She helps people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health concerns using various research-based techniques that reflect her client's values, aims, and situations.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal reaction to everyday pressures. It's common for everyone to experience. However, stress can become harmful when it upsets our day-to-day functioning. We often think we can handle stress by ourselves but if it’s not properly handled, it can lead to overwhelmingness, burnout and affect our relationships.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is about helping people perform at their peak under situations of high pressure. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps elite performers in sports, business, the performing arts, and finance function in the top areas of their capabilities. It includes understanding the drives and self-sabotages surrounding peak performance, improvement, and knowledge of the cognitive performance domain.

Life Transitions

We all experience transitions; they are part of life. Life transitions consist of any phase of life that is beginning or ending. It may include starting a new job, entering college, getting married, kids, divorce, retirement, losing someone you love, or dealing with a health condition.

Human life cycles include infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Throughout all these cycles, we will experience transitions --some may be more difficult than others. To ensure a successful transition, we need particular skills for adequate coping. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people experience a more gentle transition into a new phase in life.

Depression Treatment

Depression is much more than only sadness. People living with depression may experience a loss of interest in activities, weight loss or gain, sleep changes, low energy, problems concentrating, feelings of guilt, and thoughts of suicide or death. Depression is neither a "sign of weakness" nor something one can "snap out of." It is an illness caused by a combination of biological, genetic, psychological, environmental, and social factors. In these cases, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps by identifying behaviors or distorted thought processes, setting realistic goals, and helping to develop adequate coping skills.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by stressful thoughts, tension, and physical changes. It's common to experience anxiety due to future concerns or uncertainty. Sometimes anxiety persists or may get worse over time. People with anxiety disorders experience intrusive thoughts or worries that may impair their functioning at work, school, or in social situations. However, a psychologist can provide beneficial coping strategies that help manage the factors related to stress, anxiety, and our way of dealing with it.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Pinecrest

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Carolina Raeburn with short-term and long-term problems. She helps people who are having difficulties with transitions, stress, overwhelmingness, interpersonal issues, chronic illness or pain, anxiety, depression, or desire corporate wellness and motivation.

Doctors in Pinecrest

Physicians are committed to healthcare. They give so much to their patients, but sometimes self-care falls by the wayside. Moreover psychians may experience significant stress in their profession. Recent research, which surveyed 15,000 physicians in 2018 reported that 42% od physicians experience burnout. Occupational stress resulting in burnout is a concern for those in the medical profession.

Carolina Raeburn helps physicians who may be experiencing stress, burnout, and related symptoms

Lawyers in Pinecrest

A law career demands hard work and long hours. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps lawyers who experience a lot of pressure in their profession. She understands that lawyers care about the quality of their work and is knowledgeable about the endless hours attorneys devote to their craft, sacrificing personal and family time. Eventually these endless hours may take a toll on personal relationships and bring on worry, anxiety, or feelings of depression. Research shows that lawyers have higher incidences and are at higher risk for divorce, depression, and substance abuse when compared to other professions. Dr. Raeburn helps lawyers gain a deeper understanding into how their thought, behaviors, and feelings affect their work, personal life, and relationships.

Executives in Pinecrest

High functioning individuals, including C level executives, have experienced a high level of success. However, successful executives and business owners may still experience anxiety, depression, loneliness, and a sense of meaninglessness. High-pressure work-life may lead to personal problems and self-care attempts may lead to poor coping strategies, such as alcohol abuse or behaviors that jeopardized relationships.

Furthermore, the amount of loneliness accompanied by being at the top may lead to isolation and a great deal of stress. Working with a therapist, that understands issues related to success and wealth allows these individuals to overcome obstacles that threaten their continued success, relationships, and physical health.

Relevant Therapy Issues for CEOs and other Stressed Executives

Loneliness and Isolation

Many high-level executives hold important information that cannot be shared with staff or family, contributing to added stress and a sense of loneliness and isolation.

Interpersonal Work Struggles

Many high-level executives may experience interpersonal work struggles due to strategies and power plays involved in decision making and the worry and doubt associated with waiting for the outcome of a decision.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is hard to accomplish when one encounters the immense pressures faced by many CEOs. With tight deadlines and endless responsibilities to their employees and board members, work often comes first. It becomes challenging to find time for joyful activities.

Impact on Family and Social Life

Work requires a lot of your time and energy, which takes time and energy away from being with family or friends. It can make a rift in a relationship or add to feelings of loneliness if one is single.

Impact of Chronic Stress on Health

Chronic stress leaders such as CEOs and executives face can cause or exacerbate several serious health problems, such as cardiovascular conditions and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, or alcohol abuse.

Reasons Why People Would Seek the Help of a Therapist:

Here are some reasons someone would need the help of a therapist:

  • To explore and discover ways to reduce problems related to work, home, social, or family life, including interpersonal relationships.
  • To feel comfortable and speak with someone that cares, in a completely confidential manner about their frustrations, problems, or distressing feelings.
  • To get help in making personal changes such as managing anger, reducing stress, using drugs or alcohol, or other behaviors.
  • To increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Exploring and discovering your life story and influences that have contributed to your life will help you make better choices in the future.
  • To address mental health concerns.
  • To explore that feeling of "something is missing" and craft solutions that help life feel complete.
  • To discuss how to deal with someone else's behavior that may be negatively impacting your life.
  • To address issues that can lead to malpractice, such as relational difficulties, substance abuse,  depression, and avoidance of uncomfortable feelings.
  • Because someone who cares about you encouraged you to "speak to someone."

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