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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a Florida licensed clinical psychologist who strives to provide her clients with unconditional support and genuine empathy. She holds confidentiality and discretion in high regard an provides a nonjudgmental safe space where you can speak candidly without confidentiality concerns. She gives online psychology services such as psychotherapy and concierge psychology. Moreover, she also provides coaching and consultations for individuals whose problems do not require psychological treatment.

Psychology Services in Naples, Florida

Online Therapy

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides high-quality online psychotherapy in a nonjudgmental fashion. It allows her clients to experience a safe space to address their concerns, challenges, and increase personal fulfillment. She helps her clients gain new perspectives, identify irrational thoughts, and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses. She provides individualized treatment plans for her clients, helping them reach their goals. More and more people are choosing online therapy over face-to-face therapy for its convenience. Moreover, online sessions are similar to Face to Face therapy except are via a web-based HIPPA-compliant platform.

Concierge Psychology 

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides her clients with bespoke treatment plans that help them overcome their obstacles, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their problems, and reach their goals. Concierge psychology provides online therapy sessions but is limited to a small number of people due you to the extra VIP benefits and perks it offers, including priority scheduling, longer session times, direct access, and much more.

Coaching and Consultation

Coaching and consultation are ideal for people going through uncomplicated, short-term, and direct problems that do not require psychotherapy. It may be beneficial for people going through uncomplicated life transitions, like starting a new job. Moreover, it's geared towards people who are looking for executive wellness or performance coaching.

How can a psychologist help?

Working with a psychologist helps people prioritize their mental and emotional health. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides psychological services to people with concerns about mental health, psychological evaluations, or deep-rooted psychological issues. Furthermore, she works with people who do not require psychology treatment through coaching and consultations. She helps people manage their emotions, stress and teaches them how to use healthy coping strategies.

Life is beautiful, but it is also challenging --It can bring on stress and overwhelm. Psychologists try to help when life becomes challenging.

People seek the help of psychologists for many reasons. Common reasons are:

  • To increase or improve self-care.
  • To see different perspectives.
  • To work towards their full potential.
  • To discover new meaning.
  • To implement beneficial coping strategies.
  • To address problems that are impacting their daily lives.
  • Because "something doesn't feel right."
  • They have been experiencing sadness, irritability, anger, or anxiety for a long time.
  • To reduce feelings of overwhelm and overcome obstacles.
  • To speak candidly without the worry of confidentiality.
  • To manage stress
  • To minimize unhealthy behaviors.
  • To talk about their mental health concerns.
  • To build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To transform negative life patterns.
  • To improve their relationship/marriage and family life.
  • To gain behavioral insights.
  • Because somebody they care about suggested, "speak to someone."

Stress Management

Stress is encountered daily, and stress management is crucial in our society. At times, stress is beneficial because it helps us move to action. Still, all stress is not good, and when stress becomes chronic, it may lead to mental, emotional, and physical health problems. Chronic stress may also lead to irritability, sadness, worry, or overwhelm, affecting relationships and work. Dr. Carolina Raeburn, helps you identify, reduce, and manage stress with beneficial coping strategies that can be used throughout your lifetime.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching fits people who want to improve performance, overcome obstacles, and reach their personal, occupational, or scholarly goals. Getting to the top is arduous, and staying there takes hard work too. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides the motivation needed to help her clients reach their goals. Performance coaching is a valuable resource that allows executives, athletes, actors, politicians, artists, and others to reach their full potential. She gives her clients insight into their strengths, weaknesses, desires, and motivations while providing strategies to overcome obstacles.

Life Transitions

Life transitions can be both positive and negative, such as starting a new career or getting diagnosed with a severe illness. However, whether they are positive or negative, life transitions bring on stress. Depending on the difficulty of Related stress could lead to sadness, worry, anxiety, and mental health concerns. Dr. Carolina Raeburn works to make any transitional period more comfortable and gentle for her clients. She supports her clients, provides genuine empathy, and teaches them healthy coping strategies.


Feelings of sadness are normal, but clinical depression is much more than just "feeling sad." It is a real condition characterized by feelings of sadness and loss of interest. It also includes other symptoms such as fatigue, change in appetite, change in sleep, loss of concentration or indecisiveness, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, and more. It does not go away "magically," and it can last, weeks, months, or years if left untreated. Clinical depression affects the way you see the world and everything around you. Moreover, it affects your social and occupational functioning. However, depression is treatable, so if you find that depression prevents you from experiencing the life you want, please reach out for help.


Normal feelings of anxiety may be helpful because they help us plan for the future. However, anxiety disorders are very different. They are overwhelming and can be debilitating. Anxiety disorders may present in different ways, from psychological symptoms to physiological symptoms, affecting functioning at work, home, or school. Dr. Carolina Raeburn, helps people regulate their anxiety symptoms, understand errored thinking, and teaches coping strategies to overcome anxiety.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Naples, FL

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps unlock her clients' potential, reduce stress, and overcome and grow from their problems. She provides psychotherapy for mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression, complicated and painful life transitions, are other mental health concerns. Moreover, If a person seeks assistance for a matter that does not require therapy, Dr. Carolina Raeburn also provides coaching and consultation.

Doctors in Naples

Dr. Carolina Raeburn holds years of hospital experience. She found working in hospitals to be rewarding, and the experience provided her with insight into the medical field. Physicians do an excellent job with their patients, though sometimes their self-care may fall to the wayside. In 2018 Medscape surveyed 15,000 physicians. They revealed 42% of doctors battle with burnout, and 15% have depression symptoms. Dr. Carolina Raeburn works to give back to the medical field by providing medical professionals with beneficial coping strategies, burnout prevention, stress reduction techniques.

Lawyers in Naples

Many attorneys regularly sacrifice their time for their profession. However, it may also cause high-stress levels. However, as time passes, stress can start to increase and cause real physical, mental, or emotional health concerns. In 2016 a study by the American Bar Association stated that lawyers are at high-risk regarding behavioral health concerns. Results showed that 19% endure anxiety, 20% have problem drinking, and 28% of attorneys cope with depression. Dr. Carolina Raeburn supports lawyers; she offers ways to reduce stress, enhance coping strategies, and overcome obstacles.

Executives in Naples

Many successful executives experience a daily high-stress work environment. It can be manageable, but often stress becomes overwhelming and may seep into their personal, causing loneliness, anxiety, sadness, or other negative emotions. Moreover, chronic stress is known to affect physical and mental health. Unfortunately, many people handle stress with poor coping strategies that worsen the situation and lead to additional problems at work or at home, such as marital problems, interpersonal concerns, mental health issues, or substance abuse. Fortunately, learning to identify problem behavior and thoughts while implementing beneficial coping strategies can help regulate stress and navigate difficult moments. Dr. Carolina Raeburn holds confidentiality and discretion in high regard while providing empathic, nonjudgmental support. She teaches coping strategies that can be used throughout even after her sessions have completed. Her goal is to help executives continue to thrive.

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