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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn, PsyD, understands her clients' needs and holds confidentiality as a top priority in her practice. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and provides a nonjudgemental space for candid discussions. She treats every client with genuine empathy and provides bespoke treatment based on her clients' values and goals.

She provides online services in her private practice, including therapy, concierge psychology, coaching, and consultation.

Our Psychology Services in Miami Beach, Florida

Online therapy

In therapy, Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides psychological treatments to help her clients achieve their aims. Each treatment plan is individualized based on their needs, wants, and situation. Her use of helpful coping strategies and research-based strategies are beneficial to her clients.

Concierge Psychology

She also provides concierge psychology to a limited amount of people. Concierge psychology clients receive added perks and benefits, such as priority scheduling, direct access, access during out-of-office hours, etc.

Coaching and Consultation

Dr. Raeburn also helps clients whose concerns do not warrant psychological treatment through coaching and consultation. With coaching and consultation, she helps clients manage stress, improve executive wellness, improve performance, and navigate uncomplicated life transitions.

How can a psychologist help?

Dr. Raeburn can help individuals in many different ways. She helps people with mental health concerns like those feeling angry, irritable, sad, or anxious for a long time or experiencing deep-rooted problems. Moreover, she also helps people with less complicated, short-term, or direct issues, such as transitioning through a difficult period.

Regardless of the issue, Dr. Carolina Raeburn is present with her clients, offers, empathy, and a nonjudgmental ear. She supports her clients through any difficult moment they may be experiencing. She sees every client as a unique individual and provides services that best fit their needs.

Some reasons people contact out to a psychologist:

Life is full of lovely moments, but it's also full of stressful and challenging experiences that can make our lives difficult. Psychologists make difficult times more comfortable to navigate.

People commonly reach out to psychologists when:

  • They experience problems at home or at work.
  • They will benefit from identifying and overcoming occupational and interpersonal difficulties
  • They need a nonjudgemental ear and unconditional support
  • They want to speak candidly without worrying about confidentiality.
  • Looking for ways to manage stress
  • Looking for ways to reduce unhealthy behaviors
  • working towards a strong sense of self, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • There are mental health concerns they'd like to address.
  • They want to feel like their old selves again
  • They wish to improve decision-making skills
  • They want to change old negative patterns
  • They feel that "something is missing" and wish to make life feel complete.
  • Looking to improve their interpersonal relationships
  • Dealing with toxic people
  • Trying to understand their behavior and the behavior of others
  • They want to address interpersonal problems that are affecting their work
  • Addressing depression, substance abuse, anxiety, which affects them occupationally and personally.
  • Were asked to "speak to someone."

Stress management

We encounter stress in each day; sometimes, it's minimal other times it's not. However, chronic stress can cause havoc on our mental and physical health. Chronic stress can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and lead to burnout or interpersonal issues.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching helps high functioning individuals perform at their optimal level. Artists, actors, executives, athletes, politicians, and leaders gain more profound knowledge about themselves, their motivations, and situations to overcome obstacles.

Life Transitions

Life transitions are that transitional period between the end of one life phase and the beginning of another—for example, your first day of school, or your wedding day, or even retirement. We have easy to navigate transitions, but we also have shifts that are difficult to manage, like the death of a loved one or a chronic illness. When confronted by something terrible happening on your doorstep, there isn't much comfort until things get sorted. Dr. Carolina Raeburn makes these situations easier to handle by providing support, empathy, and beneficial coping strategies.

Depression Treatment

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is caused by genetic, environmental, psychological, and biological factors. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, MDD affects approx. 7.1% of American adults (approx 17.3 million) in a given year. Symptoms of MDD may include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, depressed mood, loss of interest, feelings of guilt, feeling heavy, changes in appetite, etc. However, MDD is easily treatable; the hardest part is taking the first step and reaching out for help. Dr. Carolina Reburn helps people dealing with depression by assisting them in identifying irrational thoughts, setting pragmatic goals, and equipping them with beneficial coping strategies.

Anxiety Treatment

We may experience anxiety when there is uncertainty. Sometimes feelings of anxiety are beneficial because they allow us to plan for the future. However, when someone is experiencing anxiety Disorders, that is not the case. When somebody is experiencing an anxiety disorder, they may find it very difficult to set aside worries or concerns, and it affects their daily functioning. Moreover, They're not just an affective state that arises; they can also significantly impact your quality and health. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern. It affects approximately 18.1% of American adults (approx. 40 million) in a given year. Anxiety disorders are very treatable, but only about 37% of individuals with anxiety disorders are receiving treatment.  Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps those suffering from Anxiety Disorders manage their symptoms, identify irrational thoughts, and provides beneficial coping strategies.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Miami Beach

Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers therapy for individuals coping with a wide range of concerns such as interpersonal problems, relationship problems, depression, anxiety,  stress management, chronic pain, or illness. Moreover, If an individual is not experiencing a concern that warrants psychological treatment, but still needs assistance, she provides coaching and consultations. Coaching and consultations are perfect for people interested in executive wellness, peak performance maintaining optimal performance. Coaching is also ideal for those going through a  mild transitional phase.

Doctors in Miami Beach

While a patient's health is a physician's top priority, sometimes their self-care may fall to the wayside. Medscape's 2018 survey of 15,000 physicians reported that 42% of physicians felt burnt out while 15% felt depressed. Working in the medical field can be very stressful. And it's important to mind our self-care. While working in hospitals, Dr. Carolina Raeburn, was able to have a close-up view. She understands that medical professionals face considerable stress and carry life-or-death responsibility on their shoulders. She helps individuals in the medical field manage stress, burnout, and provides useful coping strategies.

She empathizes when physicians get very difficult, heart-wrenching cases -- the loss of a patient is never easy, and she provides heartfelt support.

Lawyers in Miami Beach

Often Lawyers experience a great deal of stress in their careers, frequently sacrificing personal time for their cases. In time this may impact their interpersonal relationships and can result in relationship or marital problems. Moreover, issues may arise if stress levels become chronic, and beneficial coping strategies are not in place. A 2016 American Bar Association and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study reported that approx. 28% of lawyers struggle with depression, 20% are problem drinkers, and 19% struggle with anxiety. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps attorneys overcome obstacles and increase their understanding of stress management, irrational thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

She provides her clients with space for candid conversations, without concerns about confidentiality or worries of judgment.

Executives in Miami Beach

It's common for high powered individuals to experience feelings of emptiness. Usually, it's due to the high level of stress experienced throughout their careers. Stress is a contributor to feelings of loneliness. Coping strategies need to be on point for proper stress management.

There are coping strategies that play a beneficial role in stress management; however, not everybody has good coping strategies. For example, some people may use substances to cope, others may isolate themselves, but poor coping strategies will likely bring on more problems.

With poor coping strategies, executives may experience marital problems, interpersonal problems, depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn grew up in a corporate environment. She understands and empathizes with top-level executives may face. She's passionate about helping them thrive.

Influential individuals commonly encounter:

  • Loneliness and solitude
  • At times, prominent individuals need to keep a strict level of confidentiality, resulting in isolation and distance between themselves and others.
  • interpersonal problems with colleagues
  • During high-level decision-making scenarios, Interpersonal problems may develop between colleagues due to power plays.
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Sometimes finding time to do the things that bring you joy becomes increasingly harder when work responsibilities increase.
  • Interpersonal problems
  • Duties at work or stress may lead to limited personal time and cause irritability, which can negatively impact your relationships
  • Health Concerns
  • Chronic stress can cause mental health concerns and physical health concerns, like problems with cardiovascular health

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