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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

If you're seeking a great psychologist in Key Biscayne, with a genuine sense of empathy which holds confidentiality as utmost importance, Dr. Carolina Raeburn fits the bill.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps individuals in high-powered positions, such as politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers, C-level executives, and those in the public eye.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers therapy, coaching, consultations, performance coaching, and evaluations to young adults, adults, and seniors. She helps people dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, corporate wellness, executive well-being, stress management, interpersonal relationships, neuropsychology, and life transitions.

She offers traditional online therapy to couples and individuals and provides concierge psychology to a limited number of people. Concierge psychology includes added benefits and perks such as direct access, priority scheduling, and extended session times.

Psychology Services in Key Biscayne, Florida

Some people reach out to a psychologist because they feel anxious, angry, or sad for a long time.

Others may ask for a psychologist's help when dealing with short-term problems, e.g., overwhelm, life change, or grieving a loss of a loved one.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people with short or long term issues. She promotes beneficial coping strategies and uses numerous research-based techniques that match her client's values, intentions, and circumstances.

It is common for people to seek the help of a psychologist. These are some reasons people reach out:

  • To discover ways to overcome challenges or stressors at work or at home.
  • To work through issues in their social or family life.
  • To speak with someone who has their best interest at heart while speaking candidly, without fearing judgment or worries regarding confidentiality.
  • To receive direction regarding personal changes such as reducing stress, reducing alcohol, managing anger, or changing other unhealthy behaviors.
  • To help build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To identify unhealthy patterns and influences, helping you make better life decisions.
  • To discuss mental health matters.
  • To explore that subjective sense of "something is missing" and help make life feel complete again.
  • To address someone else's behavior that's negatively impacting you and identify ways to improve the situation.
  • To discuss issues that may lead to malpractice like substance abuse, avoidance, depression, and interpersonal difficulties.
  • Because someone suggested to "speak to someone."

Stress management

It's common for everyone to experience stress. Stress is a typical response to daily pressures. However, when chronic stress can become harmful and lead to burnout, overwhelmingness, anxiety, depression, or it may negatively affect our relationships.

Performance coaching

As a performance coach, Dr. Raeburn helps elite athletes, artists, executives, and those in the finance industry perform at the top of their game. She helps them understand drives, motivations, and obstacles that surround their performance.

Life Transitions

Life transitions occur when one chapter ends and another starts. It consists of transitional periods, such as retirement, grieving periods, changing careers, divorce, etc.

Some life transitions can be smooth and straightforward, but others may be a little more tumultuous. Dr. Raeburn helps her clients attain particular skills that help with adequate coping and healthy life transitions.

Depression Treatment

Sometimes when people think of depression, they only think of "feelings of sadness." However, Clinical Depression may also include many other symptoms such as low energy, loss of interest, sleep changes, appetite changes, weight changes, guilt, difficulty concentrating, and thoughts of suicide. Depression is a real illness caused by biological, genetic, psychological, and environmental factors. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps identify distorted thought processes, set pragmatic goals, and develop adequate coping skills.

Anxiety Treatment

when surrounded by uncertainty or if an individual is concerned about the future, they may experience a certain level of anxiety. A small degree of anxiety is normal-- it helps is as a survival strategy. However, too much anxiety is not healthy. Anxiety may usually include physical symptoms, stressful thoughts, and tension. Those who experience anxiety disorders may deal with intrusive feelings or thoughts that affect their functioning at school, work, or social situations. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides beneficial coping strategies to help manage anxiety symptoms and stress

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Key Biscayne

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She helps others with short-term or long-term problems related to interpersonal relationships, stress, life transitions, overwhelmed, performance, chronic pain or illness, anxiety, or depression. Furthermore, she helps those who desire peak performance, executive wellness, and motivation.

Doctors in Key Biscayne

To a physician, their client's health of top priority. However, stress and burnout present within the medical profession. A 2018 survey of 15,000 physicians, reported that 42% of physicians encounter burnout. As an individual who has worked in many hospitals, Dr. Carolina Raeburn understands the stress levels faced by physicians. She understands the surmounting responsibility that lies on their shoulders and helps physicians experiencing stress, burnout, and related symptoms.

Lawyers in Key Biscayne

Law careers call for long and demanding hours. There are many self-sacrifices involved in being an attorney - from devoting endless hours to handling high levels of stress. However, without proper coping strategies, these stress and sacrifice levels can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, or worry. Moreover, it can bleed into your personal life affecting your relationships. Research shows that, compared to other professions, lawyers have a higher risk of divorce, depression, and substance abuse. Dr. Raeburn helps attorneys understand how their thoughts, actions, and feelings influence their work, personal life, social life, and relationships.

Executives in Key Biscayne

Although C-level executives and other high-functioning professionals have a high level of success, many also encounter a feeling of "meaninglessness" in their lives.

Along with high levels of success, comes high levels of stress, which may lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, affect their relationships, and difficulties with family, friends, or colleagues. Poor coping strategies may make matters worse and lead to substance or alcohol abuse.

Moreover, being "at the top" is lonely, and this feeling may aggravate stress and isolation. Speaking openly with someone who genuinely cares about your well-being and who honors confidentiality is beneficial. Dr. Carolina Raeburn was brought up in a corporate environment. She understands the conflicts encountered by people in power positions and understands concerns related to wealth and success. She helps influential people overcome matters that threaten their continued success, relationships, and physical health.

Common Concerns for High-Powered Professionals:

Loneliness and isolation

The strict level of confidentiality one must hold in a position of power sometimes exacerbates feelings of loneliness and stress

Interpersonal Work Struggles

Executive decision making may lead to Interpersonal work struggles when high-level executives or their associates use power plays to influence decision making.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Work and life is not easy to balance, particularly when faced with immense pressure at work. Deadlines and a myriad of responsibilities to board members and employees make it difficult to enjoy joyful activities.

Family and social life

Successful people devote a lot of time and energy to their work. However, this takes time away from their loved ones or social experiences, increasing feelings of loneliness or generating difficulties in relationships.

Impact on Health

Chronic stress affects our mental & physical health. If not handled appropriately, chronic stress can lead to emotional issues, like anxiety, substance abuse, or depression. It can also lead to cardiovascular issues.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn - Premier Key Biscayne Psychologist:

I offer 1:1 Online therapy sessions, concierge psychology, consultations, evaluations, & coaching. I approach therapy with an eclectic style and work individually with every client to develop a bespoke treatment plan aimed at their individual needs. Regardless of whether you seek therapy, evaluations, or coaching, Trust, empathy, and confidentiality are the foundation of my practice.

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