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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a trusted and respected licensed clinical psychologist in Florida. As a Jacksonville psychologist, she helps clients online achieve their objectives. Providing her clients with genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard is important to her. Moreover, she values confidentiality and discretion. She offers online services such as consultation, coaching, and psychology services, such as concierge psychology and traditional online therapy.

Psychology Services in Jacksonville, FL

Online Therapy

Dr. Carolina Raeburn works with her clients and individualized treatment plans. She assures that each treatment plan meets her clients' goals, needs, and individual situations. She helps them manage stress, identify irrational thoughts, and reduce unhealthy behaviors. Therapy helps people identify their strengths and weaknesses, overcome obstacles, and gain new perspectives. Moreover, online therapy has a lot of benefits and conveniences. For example, Not having to drive to your therapy session and not having to choose a therapist based on the commute. Online sessions are on a HIPPA-compliant, web-based, platform.

Concierge Psychology 

Concierge psychology is an exclusive VIP service that is limited to a small number of people. With concierge psychology, you'll receive online therapy with VIP perks and benefits, such as extended session times, direct access, priority scheduling, and more. Concierge therapy provides unique treatment plans. Doctor Carolina Raeburn helps her clients understand negative life patterns, overcome hindrances, reduce unhealthy behaviors, recognize and change rational thoughts, and integrate healthy coping strategies.

Coaching and Consultation

Some problems that we face may not require direct therapeutic treatment. When this is the case, coaching or consultation would be a great fit.

Consulting coaching with a psychologist can be a rewarding and useful experience. Even though you will not be receiving therapeutic treatments in your coaching sessions, you will be acquiring new skills that help lessen the gap between where you are and what you want to achieve. Dr. Carolina Raeburn strives to make that change happen, providing you with strategies to facilitate effective decision-making and problem-solving and helping to make life transitions easier to navigate. She provides executive coaching, Performace coaching, and short term-consultations.

How Can a Psychologist Help You?

Typically, people who want to focus on their emotional or mental health, or want to create positive changes may be drawn to psychology. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people who are experiencing mental health concerns or need psychological evaluations. She also works with people whose concerns do not warrant psychological intervention or therapy, whose problems are less complex and short-term through consultations or coaching. She teaches to manage stress, emotions, use healthy coping strategies, and prioritize mental health.

Why do people seek help from a psychologist?

Life isn't all roses. We all experience difficult moments. People usually seek a psychologist's help when they're going through a challenging experience and want to manage their thoughts and emotions.

General Reasons People May Seek Psychological Help:

  • They want to incorporate self-care into their routine
  • They'd like to attain a new perspective about a problem that like to solve
  • They are interested in self-actualization.
  • They'd like to progress towards self-actualization.
  • They'd like a different outlook towards life
  • They noticed that their internal dialogue is negative and causing them harm
  • They'd like to learn coping strategies to help them manage stressful situations
  • Because they have been feeling "off" lately
  • Because their problems are affecting the world around them
  • Because they're feeling sad, worried, or irritable
  • They have been anxious, irritable, angry, or sad for a long time.
  • They want to overcome obstacles
  • They'd like to speak candidly with someone who will not judge them and without confidentiality concerns
  • They want to learn beneficial stress management and reduction techniques
  • They want to make positive changes in their lives and reduce unhealthy behaviors
  • They want to speak about their mental health concerns candidly
  • They've been feeling low for a while and want to build up their self-esteem and confidence
  • They want to identify and change negative life patterns
  • They want to improve their family life and enhance their marriage or relationship

Stress management

Living with high-stress levels may influence your capability to think clearly, do things effectively, and decrease your joy in life. Moreover, it can harm your mental and physical health --It could bring on feelings of sadness, worry, anxiety, or exacerbate problems you're already feeling.

However, effective stress management helps us overcome stress and lead to more productive and healthier days. Dr. Carolina Raeburn enables you to identify your stressors and teaches you strategies to keep stress at bay.

Performance coaching

If you're interested in improving your performance, whether in sports, a creative, or office environment, performance coaching is for you. Many people can benefit from performance coachings, such as executives, athletes, singers, actors, actresses, politicians, or other people in competitive fields. Whether you want to reach the top or maintain your position at the top, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you do it. She uses performance coaching to help her clients reach their occupational goals through proper motivation, offering insightful perspectives, and helping her client understands their strengths and weaknesses. She helps you build strategies to overcome the obstacles you're facing.

Life Transitions

All life transitions are stressful -whether they're positive transitions like getting a promotion or getting married or whether they're painful transitions, like the death of a loved one. Friends and family can provide valuable support during transitional periods. However, Dr. Carolina Raeburn will provide a space where you can speak candidly without worries of judgment. She will motivate, guide, and support you through your challenges. She understands that life changes can be hard to adapt to and can bring out different feelings, together with stress. Depending on how challenging the transition is, its effects can impact your life and lead to feelings of overwhelm, sadness, irritability, and mental health concerns. Whether you're experiencing an uncomplicated transition or a very painful or difficult one, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you manage tough times. She offers support, genuine empathy, and provides helpful coping strategies that could be implemented throughout life to make transitions smoother.

Depression Treatment

Life brings us happy moments and moments that bring us down. We all experience sadness and grief; they are normal emotions. However, clinical depression is more than feeling sad for a few days. It's a real illness, that does not go away like an act of magic. If clinical depression is left untreated, it could continue for weeks, months, or years and may have a detrimental impact on your life. The smooth disorder is marked by feelings of sadness and loss of interest in the things we once used to enjoy. It can change how we view life, how we act, and how we think. Luckily, depression is treatable --the hardest step is the first one: seeking help.

Anxiety Treatment

It's normal for people to experience occasional feelings of anxiety. However, anxiety disorders are different from those occasional feelings of anxiety. When anxiety becomes persistent, seems uncontrollable, excessive, and overwhelming, it could be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health conditions in the United States, with approx 40 million people experiencing anxiety disorders in a given year. There are many disorders the fall under the umbrella of anxiety disorder. Different anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, panic disorder, separation anxiety, panic attacks, selective mutism, and agoraphobia. Hence, symptoms may vary from person to person; however, anxiety disorders are characterized by extreme worry or fear. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people reduce anxiety symptoms, identify irrational thoughts, and provides coping strategies to manage anxiety.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Jacksonville, FL

Psychologists have appropriate professional training and clinical skills that help people apply healthy coping strategies to handle mental health concerns and other issues. Dr. Carolina Raeburn strives to help clients learn to cope during difficult circumstances, gain insight, and manage stress. She offers psychological evaluations and psychotherapy for people experiencing mental health concerns or going through difficult life transitions. She also provides consultation and coaching services when issues do not warrant psychotherapy or require behavioral change, such as short-tern and direct concerns or short term life transitions -- like planning for a gap year.

Doctors in Jacksonville

Dr. Carolina Raeburn has worked in several hospitals in Miami. She saw it as a rewarding experience and gained so much knowledge about the medical field. Moreover, It allowed her to develop a deep understanding related to physician stress. Physicians do an outstanding job with their patients -- they always put their patients first and caring significantly about their health and treatment outcomes. Nevertheless, sometimes their individual needs are not prioritized. A Medscape surveyed 15,000 physicians in 2018 and reported 42% of physicians battle burnout, while 15% have depression symptoms. Dr. Carolina Raeburn gives back to medical professionals by providing genuine empathy, stress management and reduction techniques, burnout prevention and appropriate coping strategies.

Lawyers in Jacksonville

Law careers can be incredibly rewarding. However, they may also require long hours and holds a high level of stress. A great deal of personal time is sacrificed for their clients' benefit, which may contribute to feelings of stress, isolation, and overwhelm. When stress becomes chronic, it may impact their relationships, including social, familial, and occupational.

In 2016 the American Bar Association performed a study that revealed that attorneys have a high risk of behavioral problems. They reported that 19% of attorneys experience anxiety, 20% have an alcohol use problem, and 28% experience depression. Dr. Carolina Raeburn, helps lawyers manage and reduce stress, implement beneficial coping strategies, and gain insights into their thoughts and behaviors.

Executives in Jacksonville

Successful executives face high levels of occupational stress. Sometimes it’s easily managed, but other times, it can get overwhelming. When stress becomes chronic, it could affect their emotional, physical, and mental health. It can create feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anxiety, and affect interpersonal relationships. The use of healthy coping mechanisms can be beneficial; however, most people use poor coping strategies, like substance or alcohol use, that lead to new problems or exacerbate existing problems. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps her clients to implement in adopt helpful coping strategies into their lives so they could manage stress and overcome obstacles. She grew up in a corporate environment and understood the struggles that many executives face. She provides a safe, empathic space where executives can speak candidly about their concerns without fear of judgment or worries pertaining to confidentiality. Her goal is to see executives continue to succeed and thrive.

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