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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a premier wealth psychologist that serves south Florida, including Fort Lauderdale.

Confidentiality and discretion are of most importance in her practice. She understands how important it is for her clients' information to remain confidential and puts all possible measures in place to provide that security.

She helps with issues dealing with life transitions, stress management, executive well-being, interpersonal relationships, corporate wellness, anxiety, depression, addictions, and neuropsychology. She provides consultations, coaching, performance coaching, traditional therapy, and concierge psychology. Traditional therapy is offered to couples and individuals; concierge psychology is provided to a restricted number of people. Concierge psychology involves added benefits such as direct access during out-of-office hours, priority scheduling, and extended session times.

Psychology Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Some people contact a mental health professional because they experience feelings that cause anxiety, anger, or sadness. Other people seek the help of a psychologist when they have short-term problems and can use some guidance. Such instances may include the death of a loved one, being overwhelmed, or life transitions.

Possible reasons one might go to therapy are:

  • To work at reducing general difficulties at home or work
  • To form new habits.
  • To deal with specific problems in their social or family life.
  • To speak candidly without fearing judgment, or worrying about confidentiality.
  • To help reduce stress, using alcohol, handling anger,
  • or other harmful practices.
  • To further build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To investigate and learn about life influences and to identify patterns that will lead to better decision making.
  • To discuss mental health concerns.
  • To explore that feeling of "something is missing" and work towards making life feel complete again.
  • To address someone else's behavior that's negatively affecting your environment and life.
  • To discuss any actions that may lead to malpractice, such as addiction, substance abuse, interpersonal conflicts, poor social skills, or avoidance.
  • Because a loved one suggested, you seek help.

Whether it's short or long term problems, Dr. Carolina Raeburn is here to help. She provides beneficial coping strategies to help with these life issues and uses research-based techniques. She works with each client to ensure that their sessions reflect their goals, values, and situations.

Stress Management

Everyone experiences stress; it is a normal response to pressure. However, stress can become damaging if it becomes chronic. Chronic stress can lead to feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, depression, or burnout. Furthermore, chronic stress can damage relationships if not properly managed.

Performance Coaching

Through performance coaching, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps financial professionals, elite athletes, entertainers, and business executives function at the top of their game.

Performance coaching gives people the insight to tackle their obstacles, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It helps people understand their drives and increases their knowledge to improve and function at their peak performance.

Life Transitions

We all experience life transitions; it's when one chapter of our lives ends, and the other begins. For example, entering college, getting married, or entering retirement. However, some life transitions are harder than others; for example, divorce, the death of a loved one, or chronic or terminal illness. To ensure that life transitions are as smooth as possible, we must have specific coping skills. Dr. Carolina Raeburn teaches these skills to help you have a more gentle transition.

Depression Treatment

Many people may think of depression as "feelings of sadness," but there is so much more involved. It may also include feelings of guilt, sleep changes, weight loss or gain, loss of interest in things, difficulty concentrating, decreased energy, and thoughts of suicide. Moreover, depression is an actual illness; it is not something one can magically "get over." It's caused by biological, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps individuals experiencing depression by identifying distorted thoughts, setting goals, and teaching beneficial coping skills.

Anxiety Treatment

Uncertainty or concerns about the future may cause anxiety. Anxiety may include tension, uncomfortable thoughts, and physical symptoms. However, those with anxiety disorders have stressful, intrusive thoughts that impact their daily life. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps by teaching adequate coping strategies to manage these thoughts and symptoms.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides psychological or coaching services to a wide range of people. She helps those with chronic pain or illness, life transitions, interpersonal issues, social skills, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or depression. Moreover, she provides performance coaching and executive and corporate wellness to individuals who seek to work at the best of their capacity, through corporate and executive wellness.

Doctors in Fort Lauderdale

Occupational stress and burnout are issues within the medical profession. A 2018 survey with 15,000 participants reported that 42% of physicians undergo burnout. Dr. Carolina Raeburn understands medicals doctors, as she has worked in medical hospitals for several years. Through her knowledge, she assists doctors in facing occupations stress, burnout, and interpersonal problems.

Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Attorneys work long hours; their profession requires endless amounts of hard work and sacrifices. Dr. Carolina Raeburn understands that a lawyer takes pride in the quality of his/her work. The quantity of pressure a lawyer faces can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to handle the related stress. If stress becomes chronic, it can lead to feelings of worry, anxiety, substance abuse, or depression. It can also affect interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps lawyers increase healthy coping skills and better understand how their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings impact their work and personal life.

Executives in Fort Lauderdale

High functioning professionals, including C-level executives, have a high level of success. However, it is common that when someone is at the top, they also experience some degree of loneliness. Many may experience anxiety, worry, depression, or a sense of meaningless. Moreover, it may lead to interpersonal problems related to friends or family. However, many people do not use beneficial coping strategies, and self-care attempts may lead to alcohol or substance abuse.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn grew up in a corporate environment. She has seen and understands the strifes faced by people who hold powerful positions. She now helps these individuals master obstacles that jeopardize their relationships, success, and health.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn grew up in a corporate environment. She understands the struggles faced by those in positions of power and personally understands issues related to success and wealth. She helps influential individuals overcome obstacles that endanger their relationships, continued success, and physical health.

Relevant Therapy Issues for CEOs and other Stressed Executives

Loneliness and Isolation

Many times, high powered individuals cannot share impactful information with family or close friends due to the nature of confidential information. Their high level of confidentiality may lead to exacerbated feelings of loneliness and stress.

Interpersonal Work Struggles

Sometimes high-level executives experience interpersonal struggles at work due to the power plays surrounding high stakes decisions.

Poor Work-Life Balance

The pressures faced at work, such as tight deadlines or specific responsibilities to the board, may make it difficult to have a healthy work-life balance. It may become challenging to engage in activities that bring you delight. Furthermore, it can take time away from family and friends, increasing feelings of loneliness.

Impact on Family and Social Life

Work requires a lot of your time and energy, which takes time and energy away from being with family or friends. It can make a rift in a relationship or add to feelings of loneliness if one is single.

Impact of Chronic Stress on Health

Chronic stress directly affects your physical health. It's known to cause cardiovascular problems. Moreover, it can also affect mental health leading to issues like anxiety, depression, or alcohol abuse.

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