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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who holds genuine empathy for her clients.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn enjoys working with business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, C-level executives, politicians, people in the public eye, and individuals in the finance sector.

She provides online therapy, hypnosis, psychological evaluations, and concierge psychology to deal with mental health concerns.

Moreover, she offers coaching and consultations for people whose concerns do not warrant psychotherapy. Coaching and consultations include corporate wellness, peak performance, executive well-being, stress management, and life transitions.

She offers traditional online therapy to couples and individuals and provides concierge psychology to a limited number of people. Concierge psychology includes added benefits and perks such as direct access, priority scheduling, and extended session times.

Psychology Services in Fisher Island, Florida

People reach out to psychologists for different reasons. Some may reach out to a psychologist to explore deep-rooted problems or patterns or have felt anxious, sad, or irritable for a long time. Others may reach out to deal with short-term, more direct issues like handling a significant life change.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn supports her clients, whether they are dealing with short or long term issues. Each session is individualized to match her client's goals, values, and circumstances. She provides beneficial coping strategies and research-based techniques.

It is normal to seek the help of a psychologist during our lives. common reasons people reach out to a psychologist are:

  • To explore and identify ways to overcome particular challenges presented at home or work.
  • To work through personal concerns encountered in their social life or family life.
  • To speak candidly without fearing judgment or having worries about confidentiality.
  • To discover ways to reduce stress, reduce alcohol, or to reduce other unhealthy behaviors.
  • To increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To identify harmful patterns and life influences, leading to better decision making.
  • To address mental health concerns.
  • To confront that, "something is missing" feeling and work towards making life feel complete again.
  • To understand why someone else's negative behavior is affecting you and find ways to improve the situation
  • Addressing problems like substance abuse, avoidance, depression, and interpersonal difficulties may lead to malpractice.
  • Because a colleague or loved-one recommended to "speak to someone."

Stress management

We all experience stress; it is a common factor in all of our days. However, when stress becomes chronic, it takes a detrimental turn on our mental and physical health. It can affect our mental health by producing feelings of depression, anxiety, cause relationship problems, and burnout.

Performance coaching

Performance coaching helps athletes, executives, artists, and leaders perform at their top level. Through performance coaching, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps her clients understand what makes them tick --understand their motivations, drives, and desires. Moreover, she helps them understand any obstacles they may be facing and strategize ways to function at their full potential.

Life Transitions

Everybody will experience life transitions - starting from birth until the moment of death, like starting your first day of school or entering retirement. While some transitions happen naturally and are easy to navigate, others are not. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps individuals dealing with life transitions that are hard to handle alone like divorce, the death of a loved one, a chronic illness, or a forced retirement. With the proper tools and guidance, painful transition periods become more comfortable to navigate.

Depression Treatment

Depression is more than having "feelings of sadness." Clinical depression may also include other symptoms like psychomotor retardation or agitation, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, loss of concentration, loss of interest, appetite changes, low energy, etc. Some think that depression is a state of mind, that it's something that someone can just "get over." However, just like someone cant magically "get over" a broken arm, people can't magically "get over" clinical depression. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is an actual illness like a cold or flu. Its caused by biological, genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps people suffering from depression identify distorted thinking patterns, set pragmatic goals, and develop and practice beneficial coping strategies.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a normal emotion. We all feel it. At times, it may even be helpful because it helps us prepare for the future. However, when we experience constant feelings of anxiety, it becomes unhealthy and affects our mental and physical health. Anxiety may usually include physical symptoms like an elevated heart rate, disturbing thoughts, and muscle tension. People who suffer from anxiety disorders deal with intrusive feelings and thoughts that affect their social and occupational functioning. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps by provides identifying distorted thoughts, presenting beneficial coping strategies, and managing anxiety symptoms and stress.

Who can a psychologist help?

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides therapy for people dealing with problems related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, chronic pain, or illness. She also provides coaching for individuals who need guidance or are not experiencing deep-rooted psychological symptoms. Furthermore, through performance coaching, she helps top players who desire executive wellness, motivation, staying at the top of their game, and maintaining peak performance.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Fisher Island

Doctors in Fisher Island

To physicians, a client's health is of utmost importance. Yet, there is a large number of physicians experiencing stress and burnout. In 2018 a survey of 15,000 physicians reported that 42% of physicians experienced burnout. Dr. Carolina Raeburn has encountered this experience first hand while working in hospitals. She recognizes the surmounting amount of responsibility placed on the shoulders of physicians and empathizes with their concerns. She helps them improve coping strategies, manage stress, burnout, and related symptoms.

Lawyers in Fisher Island

Attorneys make a lot of self-sacrifices for their profession. It's common to see lawyers give up time with loved ones to work on a case. Moreover, they handle very high levels of stress. Their sacrifice can lead to a very successful career. Still, without the right coping strategies, their stress and sacrifice can lead to interpersonal difficulties such as marital problems, and mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps lawyers gain in-depth insights into their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. She provides adequate coping strategies and space to speak candidly without fear of judgment or worry of confidentiality.

Executives in Pinecrest

Successful high-level executives and professionals may encounter feelings of "emptiness" in their lives. It may seem to others as if they "have it all." However, they still experience feelings of meaninglessness because, along with success, comes high levels of stress. This stress can be associated with feelings of anxiety, isolation, and depression. Moreover, poor coping strategies may worsen matters, adding to interpersonal difficulties, causing marital problems, or leading to substance or alcohol abuse.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn honors your confidentiality and genuinely cares about your well-being. She was raised in a corporate environment. Her upbringing taught her to understand the professional and personal challenges faced by high-powered individuals, including concerns related to wealth and success. She is passionate about helping influential individuals remain healthy, successful, and strive in their relationships and social circles.

Concerns for many high-powered individuals face:

  • Loneliness and Isolation
    • There is a strict level of confidentiality these individuals must maintain. However, sometimes it may lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.
  • Interpersonal Occupational Struggles
    • When trying to influence decision making, power plays may lead to interpersonal work struggles between executives.
  • Poor Work-Life Balance
    • Finding joy and time may be challenging to attain when faced with continuous pressure from work. It becomes challenging to balance work and life between the deadlines and responsibilities to board members and employees.
  • Family and social life
    • Occupational pressures, stressors, and responsibilities take time away from relationships, family, and friends. It may lead to marital conflicts and exacerbated feelings of loneliness.
  • Impact on Health
    • Chronic stress can lead to mental health concerns and even affect our physical health. Without the right coping strategies, it can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, or substance or alcohol abuse. Physiologically chronic stress can cause cardiovascular concerns.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn - Premier Fisher Island Psychologist:

I offer 1:1 Online therapy sessions, concierge psychology, coaching consultations, and psychological evaluations. My eclectic approach to therapy and coaching allows me to provide bespoke treatment plans or strategies for each client. Working with me, you'll find that confidentiality, trust, and empathy are the core of my practice.

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