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Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are the building blocks of our relationship.

If you are searching for a leading psychologist in Coral Gables, look no further. Dr. Carolina Raeburn is the Coral Gables Psychologist you are looking for.

She is frequently sought-after by individuals in high-powered positions, such as politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers, C-level executives, and those in the public eye. Confidentiality and discretion are her top priority.

This Coral Gables psychologist provides consultations, coaching, performance coaching, and therapy to young adults, adults, and seniors. She emphasizes stress management, life transitions, interpersonal relationships, corporate wellness, executive well-being, depression, anxiety, addiction, and neuropsychology.

She offers traditional therapy to couples and individuals and provides concierge psychology to a limited number of people. Concierge psychology includes added benefits and perks such as direct access, priority scheduling, and extended session times.

Psychology Services in Coral Gables, FL

Some reach out to a mental health professional because they are feeling anxious, angry, or feeling sad for a long time.

Others may ask for the help of a psychologist when it comes to short-term problems, e.g., grieving a loss, life transitions, or overwhelm.

Carolina Raeburn helps people dealing with short or lonf term problems. She teaches others adequate coping strategies and uses various research-based techniques that reflect her client's values, aims, and situations.

Many seek the help of a psychologist to:

  • To identify ways to reduce difficulties at work or at home.
  • To address problems in their social or family life.
  • To speak openly with someone that cares, without fear of judgment or worries about confidentiality.
  • To get guidance about personal changes such as reducing stress, managing anger, using alcohol, or other unhealthy behaviors.
  • To help increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To explore and discover what influences your life and identify patterns, to make better decisions for the future.
  • To address any mental health matters.
  • To examine that sense of "something is missing" and design solutions that make life feel complete.
  • To discuss and resolve someone else's behavior that's negatively impacting your life.
  • To address concerns that may result in malpractice, such as substance abuse, depression, avoidance of uncomfortable feelings, and relational difficulties,
  • Because someone who cares prompted you to "speak to someone."

Stress Management

It's normal for everyone to experience stress. Stress is a typical response to daily pressures.

Stress can become harmful and lead to being overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, burnout, or negatively affecting our relationships, if not handled properly.

Performance Coaching

Through performance coaching, Dr. Raeburn helps elite performers in sports, business, the performing arts, and finance industry function at the top level of their skills.

Performance coaching allows individuals to understand their motivations, drives, and self-sabotages surrounding their performance. It gives individuals the knowledge to improve and work at their peak performance.

Life Transitions

A life transition is when one chapter ends, and another begins. It's that transitional period --Whether it's retirement, loss of a loved one, a new career, marriage, having children, or several other things.

Some life transitions may be more difficult than others. Effective and healthy life transitions, particular skills will help with adequate coping. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps individuals undergo a more gentle transition through any phase in life.

Depression Treatment

Depression does not solely constitute "feelings of sadness." Depression may also include loss of interest in activities, weight loss or gain, sleep changes, low energy, problems concentrating, feelings of guilt, and thoughts of suicide or death. Depression is not a "sign of weakness." It is a real illness caused by a blend of genetic, biological, social, psychological, and environmental factors. Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps by identifying distorted thought processes, setting pragmatic goals, and developing adequate coping skills.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety usually includes stressful thoughts, tension, and physical symptoms. People may feel anxiety due to surrounding uncertainty and future concerns. People with anxiety disorders may deal with intrusive thoughts or concerns that affect them at school, work, or social situations. Dr. Carolina Raeburn can assist with beneficial coping strategies to help manage factors related to anxiety, stress, and coping methods.

Types of Clients Carolina Works With in Coral Gables

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a licensed Psychologist and helps individuals with short-term or long-term problems. She is here to help if someone is experiencing difficulties with interpersonal relationships, stress, life transitions, overwhelmingness, chronic pain or illness, anxiety, or depression. Furthermore, she helps those who desire improved performance, corporate wellness, and motivation.

Doctors in Coral Gables

Physicians are committed to their patients' health. However, stress and burnout are essential things to consider within the medical profession. Recent research (2018), surveying 15,000 physicians, reported that 42% of physicians experience burnout. Dr. Carolina Raeburn has worked in many hospitals and understands medical doctors. She helps physicians who are experiencing stress, burnout, and related symptoms.

Attorneys in Coral Gables

A law career demands long work hours and hard work. Dr. Carolina Raeburn understands that lawyers care about the quality of their work. She knows about the endless hours they devote to their profession and the sacrifices they make. Sometimes it's challenging to handle the stress associated, and can eventually lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, or worry. Furthermore, it may affect your relationships. Research points out that lawyers have greater incidences and have a higher risk of depression, divorce, and substance abuse when compared to other professions. Dr. Raeburn helps lawyers understand how their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings affect their personal life, work, and relationships.

Executives in Coral Gables

C-level executives and other high-functioning professionals experience a high level of success. However, many may also experience a sense of meaninglessness, depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Their high-pressure work may lead to personal problems with friends, colleagues, and family. While some attempts at self-care may bring about poor coping strategies --such as substance or alcohol abuse.

The amount of loneliness experienced while "at the top" may aggravate feelings of stress and isolation.

Carolina Raeburn was raised in a corporate environment. She understands the struggles faced by those in positions of power and personally understands issues related to success and wealth. She helps influential individuals overcome obstacles that endanger their relationships, continued success, and physical health.

Relevant Therapy Issues for CEOs and other Stressed Executives

Loneliness and isolation

The strict level of confidentiality one must hold in a position of power may exacerbate stress and feelings of loneliness

Interpersonal Work Struggles

Interpersonal work struggles are experienced when high-level executives or their associates engage in power plays to influence decision making.

Poor Work-Life Balance

Work and your personal life may not be easy to balance, especially when faced with immense pressures at work. Tight deadlines and countless responsibilities to employees and board members make it challenging to find time for joyful activities.

Family and social life

Successful individuals dedicate a lot of energy and time to their achievements. Still, it also takes time away from their loved ones or socializing. It can add feelings of loneliness or cause problems in relationships.

Impact on Health

Chronic stress can affect our health mental and physical health. It can lead to cardiovascular issues or emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, or alcohol abuse.

Get Help from a Top Psychologist in Coral Gables, Florida

I offer 1:1 Online therapy sessions, consultations, evaluations, and coaching. Trust and empathy are the foundation of my practice. You can be sure that I hold the greatest level of discretion and confidentiality. I approach therapy in an eclectic manner and work with each client to develop a treatment plan geared towards their individual needs.

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