An individualized and exclusive approach to psychotherapy

When you choose concierge psychology, all the focus is on you. It includes more flexibility, access, and benefits not found in traditional therapy. We understand that everyone is unique and deserves a personalized approach to treatment.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

A Space to Speak Freely and Without Fear of Judgement

Individualized Treatment Plans

To protect your privacy we do not take insurance


Confidentiality, integrity, and honesty are the building blocks of our therapeutic relationship.

We provide personalized service for our clients. Whether you are looking for psychology, coaching, or consultation services Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides a client-centric approach to help you reach your objectives. Our practice follows a self-pay model which allows us to limit our caseload and focus on what’s most important to you.

Client-centered treatment plans, coaching, and consultations to meet your needs.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Raeburn is the most kind, caring, and wise therapist I have ever seen. I look forward to our sessions  every week and will take everything i've learned from her with me forever”.

“Thank you! You are an excellent coach and therapist. I really appreciate the blend of psychology and  introspection, with concrete action items”.

“Excellent positive and solution-based therapy. Thank you”!

"Thank you for making me feel at ease and comfortable from the start. Your use of wellness techniques  was one area that I was drawn to right away. I look forward to working through my areas of need and  finding coping skills”.

“Dr. Raeburn us compassionate, empathic and very encouraging. I am so thankful that I have her to help  me with my struggles”.

“Very nice and helpful. Very caring and calming”.

“Incredibly easy to talk to. I have faith that i can get the support that i need”!

“love her, she's amazing, caring, and has compassion for her patients”.

“My provider was excellent! She was personable, charming and respectful. I could not have asked for  anything more”.

“She’s definitely very easy to speak to and She explains herself thoroughly”.

"Very helpful professional”!

“She was so kind, understanding and helpful! Can't wait for my next session"!  

“Absolutely love her, she is kind, caring and compassionate".

"A very kind heart and spirit”  

"Love her! She is a great listener”!

“A wonderful therapist/coach”!

"She is so kind. She is so positive and knowledgeable”.

“Enjoyable to speak with and i am looking forward to continuing working with her”!

“She is patient, kind, knowledgeable”.

‘She’s great”!

 “She is patient, kind, enthusiastic, helpful, positive and very easy to talk to”.

Why Choose Dr. Raeburn?

Concierge psychology is an exclusive VIP service. Due to its highly independent and customized nature, it's only available to a limited number of people at once.

Concierge clients have direct access to Dr. Raeburn and can contact her through calls, text messages, email, and their secure client portal. They can contact her during, before, or after office hours, including major holidays, and she will return their call/text/email usually within 3 hours.

Concierge clients have reserved off-calendar hours available to them; there are specific times reserved for concierge clients that are not made available on the calendar.

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