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International Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Psychology

International life coaching, performance coaching, and emotional wellness

Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers performance coaching and life coaching services to international and nationwide clients. She provides two types of coaching services: Performance Coaching and Life Coaching.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching will help you reach your optimal level, whether as an executive, athlete, or celebrity. She will help you discover which obstacles impede your progress and help you develop a plan to reach your goals.

International Performance Coaching for Athletes

Sports extend past the physical body and into the mind. The mind guides physical performance. It’s not just about conditioning your body, but it’s also critical to have your head in the game. However, sometimes it’s more comfortable to focus on the physical body –our speed, agility, skills, etc. Still, it is equally important to focus on the mind and bringing more awareness, focus, concentration, discipline, and motivation. Dr. Raeburn helps you uncover obstacles, understand your strengths, and have your weaknesses work for you. She uses tools like hypnosis, visualization, and relaxation techniques to help you in reaching your objectives. She’ll help you optimize your mind and performance.

International Performance Coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business owners

Dr. Carolina Raeburn understands the high level of stress experienced in the corporate world. There is a lot of competition, and it is essential to stay on top of your game. Performance coaching will help high-functioning professionals gain a more significant edge and maximize their capabilities. Dr. Raeburn works closely with her clients to understand their personal needs and implement evidence-based strategies to support them in reaching their objectives. She helps professionals reduce stress and optimize their impact, leadership, and influence. She helps enhance self-awareness, communication skills, increase confidence, and gain new perspectives.

International Performance Coaching for Celebrities

Performance coaching helps celebrities improve their performance. Performance coaching enables you to explore what is holding you back. It allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses while enhancing your self-awareness, focus, and self-confidence. Dr. Carolina Raeburn will work closely with you to formulate clarity and reach your goals.

International Life Coaching

Life coaching is an excellent option for individuals who are not experiencing mental heal concerns. Life coaching does not include psychological interventions. It focuses on uncomplicated short-term problems and consultations. Suppose you are experiencing a life transition that is not causing psychological symptoms but is challenging to manage alone. In that case, Dr. Carloina Raeburn can help you gain new perspectives and navigate the associated difficulties to experience a smoother transition.

International Life Coaching for Athletes

We all experience transitional life events. Some may be more difficult to navigate than others. However, if you are experiencing a challenging life event, but it’s not causing psychological distress, coaching may be the best fit for you. Getting married, buying a new home, recovering from an injury, or entering retirement can be stressful. Still, with the right skills, these life events become easier to manage. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides you with the right skills to guide you through tough transitional times while providing support and the highest level of confidentiality.

International Life Coaching for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business owners

If you’d like to explore your personal life, navigate life transitions, or work on your interpersonal skills, life coaching might be what you need. It will help you deal with life changes in is a less stressful manner. Furthermore, you have access to an honest, non-biased professional who will provide a new perspective and sound advice. Dr. Carolina Raeburn will work closely with you to understand your goals and help you reach them. She will help you navigate stormy areas of your life and offer guidance, empathic attention, and support.

International Life Coaching fro Celebrities

Life transitions, like getting a new role, a new relationship, marriage, buying a new house, experiencing newfound fame, retirement, etc., can be stressful and challenging to navigate. However, Dr. Raeburn will help you make life transitions less stressful and more manageable. She provides a safe and supportive environment where she helps individuals navigate their troubles and vent concerns without worry of judgment or concerns about confidentiality.

Psychotherapy for International Clients

Dr. Carolina Raeburn is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Florida; hence, she only provides psychological services in Florida in the United States. However, she may provide psychological services to clients outside of the US if their country of residence allows it.

Expatriates (Expat)

If you are an expat living outside of the United States and having trouble adjusting to a new culture, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you deal with those difficulties. As a child of Expat’s herself, she can empathize with your experience and help you navigate the changes. She will provide you or your family with the skills to manage stress and help you adjust to your new surroundings.

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