Intensives and Retreats

Retreats and intensives are powerful processes designed to help you make changes in your life and rediscover purpose and meaning.

As an alternative to weekly therapy or coaching, Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers fully customized intensives and retreats to address your needs, goals and fit your schedule. Depending on your specified objective, intensives or retreats can help you work through relationship conflicts, interpersonal problems, low self-esteem, burnout, blocked creativity, grief, loss, personal rediscovery, significant life transitions, and stress reduction.

Online Intensives

Intensives are concentrated sessions where you will experience unparalleled personalized attention, condensed, and highly focused sessions to help you reach your objectives. They take place over three days and last 5 hours a day. On the first day, you'll work with Dr. Carolina Raeburn to set up clear therapeutic goals. The days following will focus on your objectives, explore possible root causes of your problem, and help you make appropriate shifts to create lasting change. Dr. Raeburn offer's Intensives for both individuals and couples

Intensives for Individuals

If you are ready to focus on personal growth or change, Intensives for Individuals provides a unique opportunity to address your needs and concerns.

Intensives for Couples

Intensives for couples focus on helping couples resolve current concerns or problems within their relationship.

In-Person Retreats

Like online intensives, Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers fully customizable in-person retreats for individuals and couples. Retreats are one-on-one in-person intensives in a location away from your every day.

In-person retreats are typically in Miami, Florida, or the Caribbean. However, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can also host retreats in a great variety of locations.

In-Person Retreats are offered for individuals, couples, or groups.

Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen events caused by Covid-19, In-Person Retreats are not currently available. However, If you are interested in a Virtual Retreat, please contact Dr. Raeburn for more information.

When you are ready to redesign your life, I am here to support you.
- Carolina Raeburn

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