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Businesses are starting to have more awareness of the importance of an emotionally healthy workplace. The behaviors of executives have a direct impact on the companies. More than ever, we see the need for a positive change in the workplace, which increases work satisfaction and efficiency.

What is Corporate Consulting Psychology?

Consulting psychology involves applications of psychology in consultation with individuals, teams, organizations, and systems. It includes individual assessment and coaching.

Integrating psychological knowledge to consulting may help improve interpersonal issues found at work, increase efficiency, and create conditions that increase motivation and overall satisfaction.

I am to here help, individual, organizational, and teams with effective functioning; bridging gaps between individual, group, & organizational levels; and coping with escalating competition, internationalization, and rapid expansion of knowledge.

Working With Organizations

When working with organizations, assessments can come in handy. 

The use of assessments supports a consulting psychologist to make firm recommendations about hiring potential candidates, firing or laying off employees, make recommendations about promotions, and managing problematic behaviors. When working with individuals, assessments can help have a better understanding of obstacles holding them back at work. Assessments are gathered through interviews, psychological tests, self-assessments, and interviews with others who know the individual. 

Individual Executive Coaching

Assessments are also used when working with individuals; however, this form of executive coaching revolves around the individual and is beneficial for those considering a career change, want to improve their performance, and those contemplating end-of-work-life transitions. Furthermore, Executive coaching benefits those who wish to remain at the top of their game, who and to improve and preserve their effectiveness as they take on new roles.

Corporate Consulting Psychology Services Include:

Conflict Resolution

When a business is family-run, there are bound to be interpersonal struggles. When this happens, conflict resolution helps ease tension, find a beneficial communication strategy, and solve problems.

Evaluating and Recommending A Business Successor

Choosing a business successor may be a difficult task, but a consulting psychologist helps provide insight and provides recommendations based on assessments, including standardized testing.

Legacy Coaching for Retiring Executives

Legacy coaching helps retiring executives deal with the feeling that they've lost their life's purpose. Legacy coaching can assist senior-age executives through life-transition by assessing past achievements and addressing future hopes.

Succession Planning

Succession planning includes grooming candidates through coaching, assessments, and other methods to fill future leadership roles.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides skill enrichment and personal counseling concerning the client's work-life.

Hiring and Selection

A counseling psychologist can provide reliable recommendations to recruit employees that best fit the needs of an organization through structured interviews, skills assessment., and psychological testing.

Recommendations Regarding Promotions, Firings, or Layoffs

A counseling psychologist can provide useful recommendations about promoting, firing, or laying off an employee through structured interviews, skills assessment., and psychological testing.

Promotions, Demotions, or Layoff Counseling

Some individuals may require counseling or coaching if they are transitioning from a previous role. A counseling psychologist helps many transitions easier.

Managing Problematic Work Behaviors

Providing an individual with adequate coaching or counseling may assist them in developingappropriate work behaviors and beneficial coping skills.

Improving Work Performance

We help unlock an individual's potential, enabling them to maximize performance and strengthen their organization.

Improving Interpersonal Skills

We help you improve interpersonal communication by recognizing reflexive and active listening, learning new skills, and gaining new insights about yourself and others.

Leadership Skills

Coaching or counseling helps managers gain strong leadership skills through self-awareness, increased insight, and sustainable behavior changes.

Get Help From a Top Corporate Consulting Psychologist in Miami, FL

Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides consultations for executives and top-level corporate players. As a child of expats, Dr. Raeburn grew up in a corporate environment and immersed herself in corporate culture from a very young age. When consulting corporate clients, she uses her psychological insight, knowledge of human behavior, and business acumen to best achieve objectives and goals.

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