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Business Psychology Therapist in Florida

Business therapist in Miami, Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers business owners psychological and coaching services. She places confidentiality as one of her top priorities. She provides her clients with space to speak freely and candidly without the worry of judgment or concerns about privacy.

Why Would a Business Owner Seek the Help of a Business Psychology Therapist?

Business owners seek the assistance of a psychologist for many reasons. Some may seek consultation. Others may want to optimize their work performance or attain new perspectives about a particular challenge. Furthermore, others may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. Dr. Raeburn offers her clients life coaching, performance coaching, and psychological services.

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Discretion – Business Therapist and Coach

Confidentiality, privacy, and discretion are essential to Dr. Carolina’s clients, and it is equally as important to her. She holds these values in the highest regard. She offers an empathic ear and a safe space where you can speak candidly without fearing judgment.

How can a Business Psychology Therapist help?

Business owners wear many hats, carry a heavyweight of responsibility on their shoulders, and face a great deal of stress. When stress becomes chronic, it can begin to affect your family life, work-life, or other personal relationships. It can lead to feelings of worry, anxiety, and low frustration tolerance. Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides her clients with new perspectives, empathy, and beneficial coping strategies to help them navigate difficult situations.

Business Owners and Mental Health – Business Psychology Therapist

Navigating Change and Mental health for Business Owners

Dr. Raeburn offers psychology services including performance therapy for business owners in Miami and throughout Florida. If you’d like to improve your relationships, find more balance, or experience an easy transition when faced with a challenge, working with Dr. Raeburn may be for you. We all experience life transitions that we need to adjust to, like starting a new business, entering retirement, marriage, buying a new home, etc. These transitions can be less stressful when we gain new perspectives and learn new skills. Dr. Raeburn can help you navigate rough patches you may be experiencing; she offers you empathic attention, support, and guidance.

Performance Therapy for Business Owners

Performance therapy can help you optimize your capabilities. Whether you’re interested in improving your focus, productivity, communication skills, or managing your team, Dr. Carolina Raeburn can help you set clear objectives and work towards your goals. Her methodologies incorporate your objectives and evidence-based strategies and provides you with fresh perspectives.

Business Owners and Psychotherapy

Anyone can encounter mental health concerns, including executives and business owners. As a Florida licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist, Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps Florida Business owners with mental health concerns. She helps them manage their symptoms and assists them in identifying underlying thoughts that contribute to stress. Mental health concerns that are commonly experienced are anxiety disorder and depressive disorders.

Depression and Business Owners

In 2017 The National Institute of Mental health reported that approximately 17.3 million adults experienced clinical depression in one year. Some situations happen, like divorce, losing a loved one, or losing your job, making us feel sad, lonely, and upset. Given the external stressors, these feelings are normal. However, If these feelings continue to persist and begin to affect your occupational or social functioning, there may be underlying concerns. Depression may be caused by external, genetic, or medical factors, and it does not disappear on its own. Symptoms to look out for include low energy, problems concentrating, loss of interest, hopelessness, change in appetite, sadness, feelings of guilt, feeling slow or weighted down, feeling agitated, and thought of death. Depressive disorders are treatable. Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers psychotherapy for Business owners in Florida experiencing depressive symptoms. She provides beneficial interventions and coping strategies to reduce symptomatology.

Anxiety and Business Owners

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health concern in the US. They affect approximately 40 million adults (18.1%) in a given year.

Anxiety disorders negatively impact the way an individual functions in their personal or work life. It can lead to hard-to-control worries or reclusiveness.

Anxiety symptoms to look out for are irritability, muscle tension, difficulties sleeping, problems concentrating, feelings of dread, fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Nevertheless, anxiety disorders are treatable. Dr. Carolina Raeburn shows clients to use helpful coping strategies to reduce symptoms and implement cognitive restructuring techniques to manage anxiety-provoking thoughts.

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