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Mental Health therapist Music Industry

Mental Health in the Music Industry

December 10, 2020

Wellness & Mental Health in the Music Industry Musician Therapist and Coach There is a need for mental health services in the music industry. It is a lovely […]

Celebrity Therapist

Actor Celebrity Therapy and Coach

December 10, 2020

Celebrity Therapy and Coaching Dr. Carolina Raeburn provides her acting clients with the empathy and safe space they need. She has a profound understanding of the importance of […]

Coping with stress

Professionals Coping With Stress

December 10, 2020

Therapy and Coaching for Professionals Coping with Stress Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps professionals who are coping with stress from their work or personal lives. She works with professionals […]

International coaching and wellness

International Life Coaching, Performance Coaching, Psychology

December 10, 2020

International life coaching, performance coaching, and emotional wellness Dr. Carolina Raeburn offers performance coaching and life coaching services to international and nationwide clients. She provides two types of […]

couple pose

Celebrity Therapist

November 7, 2020

Celebrity Therapist Celebrity Therapist Dr. Carolina Raeburn’s approach to working with celebrities includes providing them with the empathy they need. She can see the human element in celebrity […]

couple enjoying in beach

Top Psychologist in Florida

November 6, 2020

Top Psychologist in Florida People Dr. Carolina Raeburn, PsyD is a highly-skilled Florida licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Raeburn works with people in Florida to help them reach their […]

girl smiling

7 Ways Celebrities Cope with Stress

February 24, 2020

7 Ways Celebrities can Cope with Stress Most people dream of fame; they see it as an “easy life”. However, stardom comes with a set of problems most […]

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